This is a list of some of the questions that we get asked a lot.  If you have a question you don’t see here, please contact us and we will do our best to help you!

Border Crossing Information
Do you have questions or concerns about crossing the border into Canada? The Canadian Border Services Agency‘s website has the answers to all your questions to ensure you are not surprised throughout your trip.

Do you have questions about if you need a passport or other documentation? The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) has put together an informative website to help you figure out what you need.  Go to Simply select your home country to get started.

Boat Operators License – Do you need one and what does it mean for visitors?
Anyone who wishes to operate a pleasure craft in Canada must now carry a Boat Operators License.  Click here for a PDF information sheet for more information on what this means for residents & non-residents of Canada.

Outdoors Cards – Do you know how to get yours?
Everyone who hunts or fishes in Ontario is required to have an Outdoors Card. This card is not a license, but required to purchase a license.  To learn more about the outdoors card, where to pick up yours, and how to get a license quickly and easily once you have an Outdoors Card, please go to the Ministry of Natural Resources Site: Outdoors Card

Getting Here – flying or driving?
We may be remote, but we are easy to get to!  For more information on how to get to our area, please visit our Travel Info Page.

When will the Ice be out?
This is one of the most popular questions we receive in the weeks leading up to opening weekend.  It’s also the only question we can’t answer as we never know what Mother Nature has in store for us each season.  Click here to view Howey Bay’s Ice Out History going back to the 1950s that can give you some idea.  If only that crystal ball would work!

Medical Services – What is available in the area?

Know you are covered while on vacation in the Red Lake Region. Both dental and medical services are available in the Region:

Red Lake Medical Associates
(Mon-Sat – walk in available)
Hwy 105 when you first enter Red Lake
(next to the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital) 727-2751
Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital
(7 days a week ER services)
Hwy 105 when you first enter Red Lake
Emergency – 911; Hospital – 727-2231
Red Lake Dental Clinic (Mon-Fri) 172 Howey Street – 727-3220
Ear Falls Community Health Centre 25 Spruce Street – 222-3728
Ear Falls Dental Office 25 Spruce Street – 222-2000

Church Services – What is available in the area?

Anglican EAR FALLS: St. Paul the Apostle Church – Hwy 105, Holy Eucharist – Sunday. Phone 222-2400 for service times.
Anglican/United RED LAKE: 7 Discovery Road, Shared Ministry. Phone 727-3348 for service times.
Baptist BALMERTOWN: Calvary Baptist Church – 4th St. & Lassie Rd.; Sunday Worship. Phone 735-3239 for service times.
Believer’s Fellowship RED LAKE: 100D Forestry Road. Phone 727-2458 for service times.
Independent Assemblies of God International RED LAKE: Red Lake Christian Assembly – 338 Howey Street, Saturday & Sunday worship. Phone 727-3577 for service times.
Lutheran RED LAKE: Christ Evangelical Lutheran, corner of Hammell & Hasaga, Thursday & Sunday Worship. Phone 727-2788 for service times.
Mennonite EAR FALLS: Ear Falls Chapel, 1 mile North on Hwy 105, Sunday Worship. Phone  222-2357 for service times.
Pentecostal RED LAKE: Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church, 262 Howey Street, Sunday Worship. Phone 727-2033 for service times.
Roman Catholic Church RED LAKE: St. John the Apostle, 48 Discovery Road, Saturday & Sunday Mass. Phone 727-2557 for service times.
BALMERTOWN: St. Francis Xavier Church – Dexter Road, Sunday Mass. Phone 735-2078 for service times.
Ukrainian Catholic RED LAKE: St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, 5 Church St. Phone 727-2598 for service times.