Project Description

Nestor Falls Fly-In - Onepine Lake Outpost

51.78380182317073, -94.63116377592087

If you’re looking for world-class fishing at a luxurious cabin – and you want to be the only anglers on the lake – look no further than Onepine. When you arrive at Onepine, the first thing you will notice is the ruggedness of the shoreline. It’s exactly what one would imagine on a northwoods fishing trip. After you unpack and head out on the lake, you won’t have to go far to get right into the action. Keep a good grip on your fishing rod because after your first cast there may be a lunker Walleye or trophy Northern on your line! Think you have Onepine figured out? Treat yourself to a short walk to Strawberry Lake, the nearby portage lake.


Nestor Falls Fly-In - Malette Lake Outpost

51.81989366593733, -94.8112365603447

Staying in the isolated cabin on Malette Lake offers you absolute solitude and superb fishing. Deep in the wilderness of Ontario, this outpost is nestled in a park-like stand of pines on the edge of a sand beach. This cabin has 3 spacious bedrooms, a screened-in porch, covered outdoor cook area and a wraparound deck. Furthermore, the average size of Walleye and Northern here will exceed your every expectation.


Nestor Falls Fly-In - Malaher Outpost


Malaher Lake is situated where the Keeper River meets the Berens River System. The combination of being the only cabin on the lake and the incredible lake structure ensures some fantastic fishing! Malaher’s deep water, underwater reefs, rocky point, weedy bays and rapids are home to many trophy Walleye and Northern. If you’re an adventurer, travel to the north end of Malaher with your 15 hp motor where you will find boat access to the Berens River for miles of sightseeing, fishing and exploring.


Nestor Falls Fly-In - Lount Lake Outpost

50.16384496027446, -94.27513808012009

The picture-perfect four-bedroom cabin here is built among the pines on a rocky point overlooking the bay. You can stand on the deck to take beautiful photos of sunrises and sunsets! Lount Lake has many small creeks, rocky points and more sheltered bays than you could fish in a week.


Nestor Falls Fly-In - Larus Lake Outposts

51.26527493219725, -94.65674132108688

Larus Lake is located on the Bloodvein River System in the heart of the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. It’s the perfect spot to see wildlife! In Canada’s untouched wilderness, you will have an opportunity to see plenty of Moose, Bear and Eagles along the shoreline. Larus Lake is 6+ miles in length with inlet rapids, deep water and plenty of structure, ensuring that our anglers have the potential to catch high numbers of trophy Walleye and Northern each day. On an average day, you can expect that at least one or two people out of your group is going to bring a trophy Walleye to the boat – perhaps even a 48” Northern!


Nestor Falls Fly-In - Keeper Lake Outpost

51.57037815106217, -94.58292692899704

This is where Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts began and the experience is as great as ever! The two-bedroom cabin at Keeper Lake has spacious living space, a wraparound deck and superb fishing action. Keeper Lake has been – and will always be – the sentimental favorite around here.


Nestor Falls Fly-In - Kay Lake


If your desire is to catch record-breaking Smallmouth Bass, Muskie and Lake Trout, Kay Lake is the lake for you. Nestor Falls Fly-In is the only outfitter on this lake, and we’re confident that with all the areas you have to fish and explore you will always find a secluded spot to fish. Numbers speak for themselves with many groups reporting to release 100+ fish per day. We have two cabins to choose from here. The first is on a secluded island with four bedrooms; the second is located in a quiet bay with three bedrooms, a wraparound deck and an amazing view of the lake. You can access two portage lakes as well: Derby Lake, connected to Kay Lake by a river, and Anstey Lake, where you‘ll find a boat at the end of a short 150 yard hike.


Nestor Falls Fly-In - Herod Lake Outpost


Herod Lake is renowned for spectacular Walleye and Northern fishing. The main body of the lake runs about 5 miles in length, with an inlet set of rapids and two sets of outlet rapids. Herod Lake also offers many drop-offs and rocky points to fish for Walleye, as well as countless bays and weed beds for the mighty Northern Pike.

It’s not just about the fishing here – you can also find ancient Indian pictographs and abundant wildlife for your viewing.


Nestor Falls Fly-In - Clear Lake Outpost

51.76532011393791, -94.38173979520798

When talking about the quality of fishing on our lakes, it is hard not to sound repetitive. All of our lakes have been handpicked and fished before the transaction is made. The result is some fantastic fishing in the northern wilderness. Being the only cabin on Clear Lake located on a point among the pines makes the outpost a peaceful getaway for both couples and friends. This two-bedroom cabin has all the comforts of home, including a living room where you can kick back and relax. Clear Lake is 4 miles long, making it a very easy lake to fish. The average size of fish on Clear is incredible, with many Walleye in the 3 to 5 lb. range. It has some of the best trophy Walleye and Northern fishing in our area.


Nestor Falls Fly-In - Cairns Lake Outpost


Welcome to paradise! Better yet, this lake is private, so the only people you are going to see are the people you brought with you.  Treat yourself to a spectacular cabin nestled among the pines with your own private sand beach.  It sets the scene for some of the finest Walleye and Northern fishing in Northwestern Ontario. The cabin is large enough to accommodate a full-size family comfortably and at the end of the day you can take in the untouched beauty of Canada’s wilderness from the deck overlooking the lake or have fun around the horseshoe pit.