Project Description

Unnamed Lake

51.59496511066278, -94.2723914786377

Our cabin is the only one on Unnamed Lake so you will have complete privacy. The lake is well sheltered, being almost like a chain of small lakes about 10 miles long with numerous bays and narrows where Walleye and Northern are found.


Poirier Lake

51.52912124144635, -92.8511211081543

Bill built the cabin on Poirier Lake using frame construction and pine siding in the Spring of 1994 to accommodate parties of two only. It is the only cabin on this Walleye and Northern lake.


Monroe Lake

51.37068534087813, -94.1160079642334

This two room outpost is the only cabin on Monroe Lake and is located on a small island that has an outstanding view of the lake. The island is also home to a pair of loons who nest on it every year as do a pair of mergansers.


Whitelaw Lake

51.782792716546716, -92.54092909704593

This roomy cabin is a new log construction for 98 with two bedrooms that will accommodate six people. Whitelaw runs a little deeper than our other Walleye/Northern lakes. 


Goose Lake Camp

51.76144212647905, -93.00381369079588

Our Goose Lake camp is 65 miles northeast of Red Lake, Ontario. The only camp on this lake, we have outstanding Walleye and Northern fishing and offer a portage out trip to neighboring Nechigona Lake for our more adventurous guests.