Project Description

Anishinabi Lake Lodge

50.459497959436845, -93.49133761212096

Anishinabi Lake Lodge

Experience the ultimate ice fishing vacation and winter adventure at Clark's Resorts & Outposts. Take the scenic 40-mile snowmobile ride to Anishinabi Lodge and stay in a warm, cozy cabin while listening to the wood stove crackling. You can fish Anishinabi Lake, which is famous for its trophy Lake Trout and Northern Pike or fish one of the many portage lakes for Walleye. Don’t have your own snowmobile? No problem. We have options for that as well. We can take you to Anishinabi Lodge using our equipment. See below for rates and pictures.


Clarks Resorts - Dorothy Lake Outpost

51.37759689878625, -91.35225981473923

Dorthy Lake Outpost

We are very excited to be offering Dorothy Lake starting in the spring of 2018. It has been about 15 years since this lake has been fished. Over the last year we have been building a brand-new, beautiful 2-bedroom cabin. It will be finished and outfitted just like the rest of our Outposts. The yard got a major clean-up, new walkways, a brand-new fish-cleaning house, and a new dock. This Outpost will hold 6 people. It is the only cabin on this very remote, beautiful, scenic lake. There are several islands and rock out-croppings. There is a long arm off the West end, which offers deeper water fishing and a scenic ride. The lake has a lot of weeds, which all hold LOTS of Walleyes. You will find Walleye, Northern, and Perch in Dorothy Lake.


Clarks Resorts - Gitche Lake Outpost

51.50602460421751, -91.67901456356049

Gitche Lake Outpost is currently under construction and will not be open for the 2018 season.


Clarks Resorts - Wright Lake Outpost


If you are looking to be the only ones on the lake, then Wright is the right choice for you! Wright Lake is located 110 from the air base in Ear Falls. This stained water lake is truly an angler's paradise with 5 interconnecting lakes to fish and explore. The Walleye fishing is superb and as for Northern fishing, it doesn't get any better than this.


Clarks Resorts - Otatkan Lake Outpost


Stay in this spacious 3 bedroom cabin situated on a beautiful, scenic point on Otatakan Lake. Otatakan Lake is 60 air miles from the air base in Ear Falls. The lake stretches 10 miles through the Canadian wilderness before emptying into the Root River system. The water is dark and produces outstanding catches of Walleye and Northern from early spring to late fall. The hotter the temperatures are, the hotter the action. The lake has been referred to as a Walleye factory as every reef and bay holds so many fish. The sheer numbers will keep novice or pro happy with its steady action. A perfect lake to take the family.


Clarks Resorts - Meen Lake Outpost

51.44890217255821, -91.45594328641891

Have the only cabin on this fish-filled lake! Meen Lake is 95 air miles from the base in Ear Falls. The stained water in this lake is the headwaters of the Meen River system. Meen Lake is a medium-sized lake with countless weed beds to cast or troll for Northerns and scrappy Walleyes to keep you busy. You are able to run down river to check out the fishing for a chance to sight a moose or caribou. This is the perfect lake for the Spoon and Rapala fisherman. Are you and your tackle Meen enough to take on the Meen Lake Challenge?


Clarks Resorts - Richardson Lake Outpost

51.50513976399679, -92.32180327177048

This lake is located about 80 miles north of Lac Seul. This is a 6 person outpost cabin and it is the only one on the entire lake. Richardson Lake is noted for its excellent walleye and northern fishing. Also, this lake is one of the few lakes in Ontario where you will catch nice size “Blue Walleye”. 


Clarks Resorts - Fawcett Lake Outpost

51.331933075951795, -91.78628616034985

Experience this comfortable and spacious 3 bedroom cabin on the famous Fawcett Lake! Fawcett Lake is located 78 air miles from the base in Ear Falls. The fishing can be described in one word, "fantastic!" If you can't catch them won't catch them anywhere. This dark stained lake is located on the world famous Cat River system where the Walleye and Northern are king. This lake produces catches in the hundreds. With access into Gull and Zion, you have more water than a man can fish in a lifetime. No wonder anyone who fishes here once returns again and again to relive the experience and see what's beyond the next bend.


Clarks Resorts - Okanse Lake Outpost

51.2117379048762, -92.5584827363491

A beautiful fish-filled lake that is noted for its easy walleye and northern fishing. We share this lake with another outfitter who has a cabin on the west shore. With almost 3,000 acres of water, there’s lots of fishing area on this great fishing lake. 


Clarks Resorts - Dobie Lake Outpost

51.441198855669015, -91.08618468046188

Experience the solitude of being the only cabin on this lake. Dobie Lake is located 108 air miles from the air base in Ear Falls. Dobie is a larger cabin with 3 bedrooms. The water is dark and stained and has two flowages feeding into the lake producing the quality and quantity of Walleyes and Northern every fisherman dreams of. The potential for trophy Northern is excellent with all the weed beds. There is never a dull moment, if you aren't fishing, your thoughts will be caught by the call of the loon or the cry of a timber wolf. The beauty and solitude will beckon you back again and again.


Clarks Resorts - Austin Lake Outpost

51.12956075582991, -91.30509719252586

Have the entire lake to yourself at Austin Lake Outpost! Austin Lake is 88 air miles from the base in Ear Falls. The cabin is a comfortable 3 bedroom cabin with all the comforts of home. Austin is a smaller lake with dark water and access to a portage lake. It has plenty of long winding channels and bays to explore, there is no shortage of hot spots on this lake to fish. The fishing here consistently produces excellent sizes of Northerns and all the Walleye you could want. Come explore these waters yourself and enjoy the solitude and tremendous fishing.


Clarks Resorts - Kamungishcamo Outpost

51.80694638717831, -92.08525389432907

Are you looking to have an ENTIRE lake to yourself? Well, you can find that here on Kamungishkamo Lake! You can call it "KAM" for short. Kamungishkamo is 145 air miles most North of our base. It is the only cabin on the 10-mile long lake. You can find LOTS of Walleye, Northern, and Perch in this lake and excellent fishing right off the dock! The cabin is spacious and new. There are three bedrooms, a large kitchen/living area with new appliances, a bar, a wood stove, a brand new dock, a sauna, screened-in fish cleaning house, and a large deck!


Clarks Resort - Antenna Lake Outpost

50.58871682739936, -92.03856199979782

Looking to have an entire lake to yourself? Antenna Lake is 46 air miles Northeast of our base, and is 1.5 miles wide by 4 miles long. The dark water and rocky structure makes this lake ideal for excellent Walleye fishing. Antenna is also noted for its population of Northern Pike with numerous trophies caught and released each year. Our cabin is two bedroom, and is the ONLY cabin on the lake. Antenna has a new dock and a beautiful yard.


Clarks Resorts - Kapikik Lake Outpost


Our cabin on Kapikik Lake is the only cabin on a HUGE system of water. This cabin is our newest and most DELUXE cabin. Here you can find a push button inside of the cabin to start your generator, electric appliances, a beautiful hand-made rounded bar, a huge deck overlooking the lake, a wood stove, a very spacious and well-lit living and kitchen area with beautiful dark wood floors, finished with cathedral ceilings and tongue & groove pine. Enough about the cabin - the lake is one of our largest. It is 14-miles long and 7-miles wide. It is located 121 air miles Northeast of our base. Here you will find supreme Walleye fishing, numerous trophy Northern, and Perch as well. There is moving water to fish, and so much structure in this lake. It is the ultimate habitat for Walleye and Northern. You will also find a double outhouse at Kapikik Lake, brand-new wooden walkways, a beautiful floating dock, and a brand-new screened-in fish cleaning house. The boats here are brand-new as well.


Clarks Resorts - Upper Wapesi Outpost

50.624885890040225, -92.28661268949509

Upper Wapesi is located 53 air miles Northeast of our base and is 1.5 miles wide by 4 miles long and is connected to Pusher Lake by a creek approximately 2 miles in length giving the opportunity to fish two lakes. The large cabin offers 3 bedrooms and a large kitchen/living area. The cabin sits on a hill surrounded by pine trees, overlooking the lake and sand beach. Upper Wapesi Lake is just loaded with Walleye & Northern.


Clarks Resorts - Grace Lake Outposts

51.28685951081735, -92.48951643705368

If you don't want to see anyone else on your Fly-In adventure, then have the entire lake to yourself! On Grace Lake we have the only cabin on the lake. Grace Lake is located 84 air miles Northeast of our base. The lake is in the shape of a horseshoe, offering about 8 miles of shoreline to fish. Dark water and lots of structure provide excellent spawning and growing environment for both Walleye and Northern Pike and Perch too. The cabin has three separate bedrooms, a large kitchen/living area and large deck overlooking the lake. The cabin also features a wood stove, new deck railing, new outhouse, new walkways, and the grounds have been transformed by brush cutting and clearing!


Clarks Resort - Snelgrove Lake Outpost

51.12919885544974, -91.80338591337204

Some of the fastest fishing anywhere can be had on Snelgrove Lake. Its long, winding bays lead to rivers and rapids, creating varied underwater structure.With depths of up to 24 and numerous reefs, Snelgrove Lake is home to trophy-size Walleye and Northern. A short portage takes you to two other lakes that offer more Fantastic Walleye and Northern fishing.


Clarks Resorts - Pusher Lake

50.59681166112512, -92.33510434627533

Pusher Lake is located 50 air miles Northeast of our base and is 2 miles wide and 3 miles long. It is connected to Upper Wapesi Lake by a creek, giving you two lakes to fish. Pusher and Upper Wapesi offer fast paced Walleye fishing plus Northern Pike catches to add to your fishing adventure! The cabin, situated on a rock point, offers two separate bedrooms and is the ONLY cabin on the lake!


Clarks Resorts - Una Lake Outpost

50.992612610992545, -92.17434614896774

You'll find Walleye and Northern abound in Una Lake. With numerous islands, reefs, rock piles and weed beds, it provides exceptional fish habitat in depths of up to 40. Portage to Curie Lake for more trophy Northern Pike, smallmouth bass and fabulous scenery.


Clarks Resorts - Bertrand Lake Outpost

51.562055052845615, -91.7108604311943

Imagine having the whole lake to yourself...yes, it is possible! See what it's like to fish on a completely secluded Canadian Wilderness lake, busting with trophy Northern Pike and tasty Walleye & Perch. Betrand Lake is 120 air miles Northeast of our base. It is s two bedroom cabin, situated on a large island in the middle of the 8-mile long lake. The cabin features a complete kitchen, a bar, a wood stove, a sauna, a nice big deck, brand-new dock, and a screened-in fish cleaning house! Bertrand Lake is best noted for its abundance of trophy Northern Pike and LOTS of Walleyes.


Clarks Resorts - Cook Lake Outpost


Lake depths of up to 14 bring great bait casting opportunities for Walleye and Northern on Cook. A short portage takes you to either Bumpy Lake or Cavano Lake. All three lakes have a rock and boulder shore with numerous weed beds, exceptional for Walleye and Northern fishing.


Clarks Resorts - Shabumeni Lake Outpost


Shabumeni Lake is located 88 air miles Northeast of our base, and is a long, narrow lake about 13 miles long. "Shab" is known for its Walleye population as well as numerous Northern Pike. There is plenty of moving water to fish on Shabumeni Lake. The newly renovated cabin is located in a sheltered bay with a sand beach. It is a spacious 3-bedroom cabin with a bar, brand-new walkways and fish-cleaning house, and a new dock. There is another cabin on this lake, but with so much water to fish, you will likely not even notice!


Clarks Resorts - McVicar Lake Outpost

51.56472287843989, -91.47104948759079

Find the seclusion you’re looking for at McVicar Lake. It is located 124 air miles Northeast of our base, and is about 8 miles long and 5 miles wide with lots of bays, islands, and depths up to 160'. Two rivers flow in and one out, so there is lots of moving water to fish. There is access to 2 other lakes, one of which is Lang Lake, 12 miles long and 70' deep. Fish for Walleye and Northern Pike. The cabin is the ONLY one on the lake! It has three bedrooms, and is located in a beautiful secluded bay "a real luxury in the wilderness." The cabin also features a wood stove, a brand-new deck overlooking the lake, new wooden walkways, and the grounds have been recently cleaned up of brush.


Clarks Resorts - Northern Lights Resort

50.13711591948177, -93.23830336332321

Northern Lights Resort is located on Cedar Lake. The camp is about 25 miles from Vermilion Bay, down Highway 105. The cabins are modern and all have air-conditioning. There are 6 deluxe cabins on the waterfront that include satellite TV and a dishwasher as well and huge decks over-looking the lake with gas BBQ's. The standard cabins are nice as well with decks and beautiful views of the lake. Guests have access to an air-conditioned lodge with satellite TV and Wi-Fi. The camp also features a playground on the beach for the kids. 


Clarks Resorts - KC's Landing / Clarks Resort

49.963652113638176, -93.54851894080639

K.C.'s Landing Resort is situated on Edward Lake, which is one of ten connecting lakes that make up the famous Indian Lake Chain. K.C.'s Landing Resort is a short drive from Vermilion Bay, Ontario. The Clark's have had this camp for about 14 years and have done a ton of work to make this camp feel like a real vacation destination, not just for fishermen! There are 7 cabins to choose from, some are "standard", some are "deluxe" and two "ultra-deluxe" cabins.