Project Description

Bob Green's - Pedlar Lake Outpost


Enjoy the benefits of being the only cabin on this lake. We are licensed for up to 6 guests at Pedlar. With the conveniences of showers, hot and cold running water, propane deep freezer, propane Bar-B-Que and deep fryer, this outpost is a delight to be at.

This lake is 35 air miles from Red Lake and offers superb Walleye and Northern fishing. It is approximately 1,600 acres in size.

We are requesting voluntary catch and release of Northern, unless you land a trophy. All trips are Friday to Friday.


Bob Green's - Nungesser Lake Outpost


Our remote outpost, has all the comforts that one can expect in an outpost. All boats are 16′ Lunds with 15 h.p. Evinrude outboards.

This large, modern 10 person outpost is 34 air miles north of Red Lake. Treat yourself to a beautiful cabin on a sand beach on a great lake. Fishing trips are 3, 4 and 7 day trips.

Nungesser has over 20 miles of navigable waters (total of 18, 674 acres) with numerous bays, large weed beds, reefs and islands that are home to large Northern and Walleye.


Bob Green's - Mamakwash Lake Camp

51.666197244809375, -92.91214674711227

We are the only camp on Mamakwash Lake, with direct access to the exciting Berens River system and Upper Goose Lake. There are approximately 13,065 acres of water to fish and over 30 miles of navigable water ways. Natures ample weed bays, reefs, and islands, provide excellent Walleye and Northern fishing.

Our caretaker is readily available to help advise and serve you. He also maintains our five spacious and modern cabins with three piece bath, hot and cold running water, and a sauna for extra relaxation.