Project Description

Big Hook - West Lake Outpost


West Lake is situated in the center of the Opasquia Provincial Park. This body of water can be distinguished as two lakes in one. First, the "fish bowl" to the south, is a bowl shaped area with shallower depths. The shallower waters allow temperatures to warm up early in the spring for exciting pike action. The "fish bowl" has vast sprawling weed beds and numerous feeder creeks. The second half of the lake to the north harbors deeper holes and fishable submerged reefs. Two scenic rapids spill into West Lake, while one exits to the north. Numerous guests enjoy classic Canadian shore lunches next to the 20 ft. waterfall due east of camp. There are two portages available, one to the S.E. of the cabin and the other due east of the cabin. This outpost is a must for all trophy pike fisherman.


Big Hook - Southwest Lake


Southwest Lake is Big Hook Wilderness Camps second largest body of water.


Big Hook - South Lake Outpost

53.50301233221833, -93.1134170293808

South Lake is a long slender lake of 13 miles, always produces the largest walleye of Big Hook's outposts every year. This narrow body of water allow fisherman to avoid the wind and focus on the task at hand...Fishing of course. Several weed beds near the camp offer good northern fishing. Anglers will also find amazing walleye fishing within sight of camp. Windy points and shorelines are great places to catch your limit of walleye in minutes. South Lake is a walleye fisherman's dream body of water,known for sprawling rock reefs and deep holes. Average depth is 32' with areas of the lake reaching 75+' deep. One scenic rapids spills out the north end into Central Lake. A short walk to below the falls yields exciting walleye fishing and amazing photographs.


Big Hook - Cocos Lake Outpost


Fed by the Sagawitchewan River , Cocos Lake provides over 12 miles of navigable waters. Several breathtaking rapids are located on the east and north ends of the lake, providing excellent fishing opportunities. Boats are able to navigate through the east rapids and this opens up 25 miles of river system to fish. This tea stained lake has superb trophy northern and walleye fishing with several excellent spots located within a quarter mile of the cabin. It can be noted that all the water from the Opasquia Provincial Park flows through Cocos Lake providing water depths of up to 80 ft! Numerous and large weed beds located in the Sagawitchewan river yield many 40+ inch pike. Abundant poplar growth surrounds a cabin-situated approx. 100 ft from the lake.


Big Hook - Central Lake

53.56443249055763, -92.95205533504486

The hub of Big Hook Wilderness Camps, Central Lake provides its guests with continuous electricity generated by three windmills and eighteen solar panels. Here you will find a shower, sauna and guide service. Central Lake is known for its slender channels running north, south, east, and west in the shape of a plus sign. These narrow channels provide plenty of cover for fisherman on windy days. The approximate size of Central is nine miles long by six miles wide. Average depth is thirty feet accompanied with numerous shoals and expansive weed beds. Four scenic rapids spill into Central, while one exits. Boats and motors are available on all of the portages. This allows you to explore many great fishing holes and experience miles of true Canadian boreal forest. Fish stay active on this lake all summer long thanks to the large amount of water flowage.


Big Hook - Burnt Lake Outpost

53.51972485924322, -93.78761976957321

The most remote Big Hooks outpost camp offers not only excellent northern and walleye angling, but also tremendous perch fishing. Several sand beaches line the shores of Burnt Lake where shore lunches and the viewing of beautiful sunsets take place. One rapids flows out on the north end of the lake providing excellent photo opportunities for bear and angling for walleye. Also, moose sighting are common at the creek draining into the south end of Burnt.